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All Is Well In Panama City Beach

Often people tell me "I look well". I can take this as a compliment or an insult. Am I well ? It is all in my perspective. Did I look not well before or is that your way of stating I look nice. I am well in my mind and heart, so I take well as a compliment. There are many times I was not well and smiled graciously pretending to be well. I couldn't accept a compliment or an insult. I decided to take all is well or not well and make them a positive in my life. It comes down to how I view myself, other people, the world, and society. That is what's in my heart. It doesn't matter if you like me or don't like me. It doesn't matter if we agree or disagree. I care about if your well or not well. What's important is that I love me first and then all is well. I spent years just looking well, but not feeling well. Be stronger, wiser, and better. It does matter if you are well on the inside. Not just on the outside. How are you feeling? Do you feel well or not well? My choice is to be well in every aspect of my life. I hope you find your well too!

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Rachael Switzer
Rachael Switzer
20. Okt. 2022

"Well" said!

Gefällt mir
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