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I ask myself what is the perfect destination? Maybe it's a special place you like to visit? It could be something you have always wanted to do. I appreciate that I get to choose my stopping place. I love the water and sunshine. They have always been my chosen destination. I spent many years of my life traveling and seeing the world. I always looked for the best beach spot. I loved any daring adventure. My mind is planning my next trip every time I travel. I am living a new road trip everyday. I must say it is fantastic! I never imagined so much grief inside would motivate me to follow my dreams. Wherever I am is a choice I made. I think of all the time that has passed in my life. I have so many memories and wonderful days behind me. I would not change any of my journey, because it is mine to keep. As I prepare my heart for the things ahead. I know that I only get one life to live. I am creating lasting memories for individuals. I get to plan amazing excursions, carry groups of people, and share my paradise. My heart loves to travel to the unknown. I am a dreamer. No one can ever take your perfect destination from you. Everyone has somewhere they want to go, or something they want to do. Have you thought about going, are you doing it? Where is your perfect destination?

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