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Feel the love

Today I am reminded of all the grace given to me.I am so blessed to exist and enjoying this ride of self reflection. Hallin Hearts is a creation of hope, love, courage, and perseverance.

This amazing road trip of healing, loss,confusion, and sorrow. I wasn't sure what to do.My state of mind and self pity was an easy pill to swallow.

My personal victory comes from knowing there is more to life than me,myself,and I. I have experienced years of my world and lived inside my bubble. I have taken off the rose colored glasses and can feel the heart working again.

Without energy from the sun no life could exist. True love never leaves the soul empty.

Investments, people, & materials all fade away. Love never dies it grows and changes perspective. I get to choose my defining moments and characteristics.

Make a wish , what does your heart desire to change?

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