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Beach Time Blog

It is a new morning as I stare out into the sparkling waters on the Gulf of Mexico. I close my eyes and smell the salt in the air. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore provides a picture of paradise. I open my eyes and smile a new day washes away with each breath that I take . My feet dig in the sugar quartz sand and the sun glistens on my lightly tanned skin. A gentle breeze blows through the emerald surf as I begin to meditate and take it all in.The different species of birds provide a feeling of peace as they glide through the sky of cotton candy clouds. I enjoy hearing the chirping and singing of the birds. I take a long walk along the coast and look for shells and crabs. I find a floating starfish and a tiny

sand dollar. A yacht floats by in the distance as I watch a beautiful pod of wild dolphins playing in the wake. The water is crystal clear as the tide comes in. I prepare to head home from my beach break, I am relaxed and refreshed. I do what makes me happy and you can too! Do you take time to enjoy your life? Have you found your happy place ?

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