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I will never be in control of this journey. Reality is who am I and what am I changing? Human touch will not cease to exist in the world. The heart will always prevail. My familiar is to be an angel, just as other's have been mine. Strangers can be angels unawares; (Hebrews 13:1). Everyone is a stranger until you meet them and love them. The path is never ending and more is always waiting. Most of the roads have taken me on the go and don't stop route.There is never enough time or energy when you are in a constant rush. Slowing down allows me to pause and reflect. Angel's are everywhere and only my best self will give and experience abundance . My personal growth is try not to explain it and just live it. Everyone has charity on the inside, the gift of giving love. I am surprised ,inspired, enlightened everyday by someone else. What is my next excursion, milestone, dream? Where is your ambition? Have you blocked out the noise?

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